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My Thingymabob featured on City Weekend magazine

We were so lucky to have such a lovely article written about My Thingymabob for the December issue of City Weekend magazine in Beijing.

Thank you Loretta Marie Perera from City Weekend, and merry Christmas everybody!

Happy holidays,

- My Thingymabob

Imagine That

If you or your kid has created an absolute masterpiece of a drawing – or just something so bold it deserves its share of the spotlight – My Thingymabob is the social enterprise to get involved with, for their goal is to bring the brightest bits of imagination to life. Head over to their website and share a photo of your best, most creative drawing. Their team then takes the drawing, captures its magic, and lovingly stitches it to a real-life treasure.

Given the nature of the product, you don’t need to be restricted in your images either. It’s the creativity of kids (big and little ones) that My Thingymabob aims to capture. Their exciting creations go from sweet ballerinas and polar bears to loincloth-sporting trolls and what can only be referred to (endearingly) as a blue blob. Plush toys are stuffed with high-grade, hypoallergenic polypropylene cotton filling and stand at a non-inconsiderable 40cm tall.

The current Thingymabob range includes custom cuddly toys (US$129) and hand-tufted 100% New Zealand wool rugs depicting custom designs by the young and young at heart (from US$250). New additions for 2016 include a more budget-friendly synthetic rug range, “cushion-blankies” which we want to own for its name alone, and ColourMe cuddlies which allow your kids (we still mean you) to pick the colours for an existing stencil.

In 2015, all profits went to Childfund; the spirit of charity continues in their 2016 efforts. Through the end of 2015, enjoy free shipping on your Thingymabob – to any address in the world.

- Loretta Marie Perera, City Weekend

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