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We sponsored the City Weekend Kids' Art Competition Awards Ceremony

My Thingymabob was a sponsor at City Weekend's Kids' Art Competition Awards Ceremony this fabulous first month of 2016, and we had the honour of turning the Editor's Choice award recipient's masterpiece into a beautiful hand-tufted woollen rug.

Ellen Erhard, age 4, from the House of Knowledge International School won the Editor's Choice award for her artwork titled, "Undy the Alien Dragon!"

She said:

"This is my alien dragon is called Undy.He can shake his tail to protect himself. He can be crumbly and also be happy. He lives on planet Okalia together with other aliens. He flies around the planet with a rocket."

Isn't she gorgeous?! And how lovely is the resulting rug? We hope her family can enjoy Undy the Alien Dragon for many many years to come!

Read the full City Weekend article on the Kids' Art Competition here.


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