My Thingymabob

About Us

My Thingymabob's Founder, Graci Kim is a New Zealand diplomat currently based in Beijing, moonlighting as a social entrepreneur. 

One day, she found herself doodling stick monsters in her notebook during a work meeting. How wonderful would it be, she thought, if these stick monsters could jump off the page and come to life?!

And with that thought, My Thingymabob was born. 

Committed to bringing imaginations to life, Graci began pulling a team together that could take drawings and transform them into super huggable cuddly toys, and later into beautifully hand-tufted wool rugs. 

But that wasn't enough. Believing that one child's joy could be another's survival, Graci committed My Thingymabob to donating any and all of its profits for 2015 and 2016 to charity. 

If you'd like to get in contact with Graci, email her at or send her a message on My Thingymabob's Facebook page. You can also message Graci on WeChat (wechat ID: mythingy) or QR code below:

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