My Thingymabob


General Questions

Where do you ship to?

We ship our custom toys anywhere in the world, for free! 

Unfortunately, we can only ship our rugs to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan at the current time. 


How much is shipping?

Shipping for toys is free. 

Shipping for rugs to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is free. 

I am an adult. Can I order a My Thingymabob for myself?

Of course you can! No one is too old to feel the magic of your own drawing come to life. Send us a photo of your drawing and we'll be honoured to transform it into one of our custom cuddly toys or bespoke rugs. 

How do I order?

Add your toy/rug to your shopping cart and check out. After you confirm your order, you will be taken to a secure form where you can upload the photo(s) of the drawing. 

You can pay in USD via Paypal (on the website) or in CNY via WeChat (ID: mythingy).

How long does it take to make My Thingymabob rug/toy?

My Thingymabob toys are lovingly hand-stitched, and My Thingymabob rugs are meticulously hand-tufted. This means that that it can take about 2 weeks to complete a rug, and about 4 weeks to complete a custom cuddly toy.

Once completed, your My Thingymabob will be on its way to you by courier. Depending on your location, courier shipping can take between 3-5 business working days. 

Were you really giving all your profits for 2016 to charity?

Yes we were! We donated all and any profits for 2016 to charity. That way, your child's My Thingymabob is helping other children in need. We're pretty chuffed about that.


What if I don't like My Thingymabob?

We have a no-returns policy. We put lots of love and care into bringing each My Thingymabob to life, so we sincerely hope that you love your My Thingymabob toy and rug as much as we do.  

If you are worried about the design being complicated, too abstract or obscure, give us as much detail as possible (and tell us any special requests you might have) when uploading your photo. You can also email us to follow up and we can talk through how we can ensure your expectations are met.  

Can you do bulk orders of custom toys for our sports team, school, business or community group? 

Yes we can, send us an email to and we can discuss your needs. 

My Thingymabob Toys

How big are My Thingymabobs?

My Thingymabobs are 40cms tall, which makes them extra huggable and super cuddly. If you need a super-sized My Thingymabob, please email us and we'll see what we can do.

What filling/stuffing do you use inside a My Thingymabob?

We use high grade polypropylene cotton filling that is hypoallergenic and safe for children to play with.

My Thingymabob Rugs

What kinds of drawings make for good rugs?

Patterns and colourful scenes look fantastic as rugs. If the design is very intricate, you may have to order a large sized rug so that we can capture the details. 

What are My Thingymabob rugs made of?  

My Thingymabob rugs are made of 100% New Zealand wool or durable synthetic wool, and each one is meticulously hand-tufted to your design. 



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