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Order a My Thingymabob rug
Order a My Thingymabob rug
Order a My Thingymabob rug
Order a My Thingymabob rug
Order a My Thingymabob rug

Order a My Thingymabob rug



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Send us a photo of your child's drawing (or your own drawing) and we will transform it into a beautifully hand-tufted wool rug. 

My Thingymabob rugs come in either 100% New Zealand wool or synthetic wool. You can choose from 3 different sizes (1.5m, 2m or 2.5m long) so they can be a beautiful feature to any room in the home.

Will my rug be exactly the same as my drawing?  

Please note that the colours and textures we use in the rug will not be 100% alike to the original drawing, and will normally be a darker/deeper shade than the original. More intricate designs may require no smaller than a large (2.5m long) rug.

How do I order?

    Add your chosen rug size to your shopping cart and check out. After you confirm your order, you will be taken to a secure form where you can upload the photo(s) of the drawing. 

    You can pay via Paypal/credit card in USD (on the website) or via WeChat in RMB (ID: mythingy).

    How much is shipping? 

    Free shipping to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We currently do not ship outside these 3 locations unless you have a bulk order. Please email if you'd like to discuss further. 

    How long will it take? 

    It takes us up to 2 weeks to hand-tuft each rug to life. 

    How much does it cost? 

    The price for a My Thingymabob rug is as follows:

    Synthetic Wool

    • Small (1.5m long) - $250 USD / 1500 CNY
    • Medium (2m long) - $350 USD / 2100 CNY
    • Large (2.5m long) - $500 USD / 3000 CNY

    100% New Zealand Wool

    • Small (1.5m long) - $400 USD / 2400 CNY 
    • Medium (2m long) - $550 USD / 3300 CNY
    • Large (2.5m long) - $800 USD / 4800 CNY


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